Campus to Corporate

These programs are for Colleges and Educational Institutions, for training their students as corporate citizens.

The Classroom Interventions

Success Essentials for Final Year Students

This 2 day program for final semester graduate engineers and arts students aspiring for corporate jobs introduces them to timetested methods of developing key traits that makes them stand out in the crowd. The program exposes them to the vulnerability in the market and how to beat the competition.

Making my Mark, Facing Roadblocks

For 0 – 6 months – Making my Mark and 6 months to 1 year – Facing Roadblocks, the successful transition from campus to corporate is not complete with the offer letter. The quality of the college is measured on how well the student grows in 6 months to 1 year in the organization. Our 3 days workshop on how to handle your first 1 year in the organization equips your students with time tested practices and experience to come out as successful professionals

Interview & Group Discussion Skills

Interviews and Group discussions are common methods used by employers to shortlist candidates. This 3 day workshop equips your students with proven methods of handling tough interviews group discussions with ease.

Brand ME – a flagship programĀ 

Brand ME is a flagship program aimed at grooming fresh graduates on all aspects of personality, behavior, communcation and etiquettes. It brings to them a host of realizations that helps them make key transformations in themselves and come out as wonderful professionals to be hired

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